Passport Audio Manager  [PAM]

 Self-Serve Digital Audio Campaigns  

Offer the possibility of easily leveraging Digital Audio to all your accounts, big or small. 

Passport Audio Manager is an autonomous tool for advertising agencies and brands that need in-house access to the digital audio universe without intermediary platforms' hassle and high costs.

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Audience segmentation

Audience targeting

Geographic (zip-code), demographic, gender, device, contextual, behavioural

No minimum amount to invest

Spend as much as you need for your campaigns


Deyailed reporting

Detailed reporting

Get a detailed reporting that answers all your questions


Real time forecasting

Real-time forecasting

Optimise your campaign as it runs



Competitive CPM

You get the best CPMs for your campaigns


Global Acess

Global access 

You can manage campaigns globally, on multiple markets with our scalable inventory

No set-up fees

No set-up fees

Free and instant access 


No Minimum amount

Cost Control

You are in full control of your spendings


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“For one of our retail brands, the new users for organic traffic increased by 18%, while new users for direct traffic increased by 87%!  This was a YOY comparison. TargetSpot digital audio was only a portion of our advertising mix, but the majority of the other mediums were clickable and sent users directly to the site, whereas with digital audio the listener would have to search the website later, which is what organic and direct traffic comprise of. Digital Audio most definitely helped increase web searches and traffic! > US-based Full-Service Advertising Agency